Based on the novel by George Orwell

Adapted by Robert Owens, Wilton E. Hall, Jr., and William A. Miles, Jr.

Syme (Tim), Parsons (Katie), and Winston (Justin) perform state-ordered calisthenics in front of the telescreen.  The oppressive society reaches into all aspects of its citizens' lives.
Winston looks at his love Julia (Aimee) in her newly acquired black market dress.  All party members dress in identical clothing; thus, wearing such a dress is in itself a crime.  Julia and Winston are in rebellion against the government of Big Brother.
After his capture, Winston is forced to count four blocks over and over and to make them add up to five.  Big Brother wants his citizens to believe in whatever he tells them, even if it is 2+2=5.
O'Brien (Paul, left) and a guard (Tony) force Winston close to a crate full of rats.  Winston's deepest fear is of rats and it is exploited here to make him submit fully to the dictates of Big Brother.
Julia and Winston sit in a cafe after they have been "re-educated."  Each betrayed the other during the torture and now they feel nothing for one another.  Big Brother has succeeded in destroying even love.