The Baker's Wife
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Scwhartz
Book by Joseph Stein
The Priest (Rob), the Marquis (Dustin), and the Teacher (Jeff) dispute while the Nieces (Ashleigh, Lindsay, and Tori) and other townspeople listen in and take sides.
Antoine (Adam) finds himself on the ground after Dominique (Niko) punches him; at the table, Genevieve, the baker's wife (Sommer) and Aimable, the baker (Luke) are shocked by Dominique's actions. Other townspeople in the cafe watch in interest.
Aimable, sad over his wife's desertion, hides in the well and drinks.  Left of him, Claude (Lance), Phillipe (David), and Denise (Courtney), and right of him, Antoine, Teacher, and Doumerge (Dan), all find themselves at a loss as to how best to help him.
To try and cheer up the baker, the Marquis has his "Nieces" offer him some Feminine Companionship, but Therese (Katie) brings in the Priest, who is shocked by the Marquis' suggestion.
Aimable interrupts a town meeting to tell them he appreciates their offers of help, but he is simply too sad without Genevieve to do anything, let alone bake.  Little does he know the actions his words will spur on!