Black Comedy
by Peter Schaffer

September  2003

From Left, Harold (Tyler S.) is led into the apartment by Brindsley (Michael M.), where the Colonel (Joe B.), Miss Furnival (Beth D.) and Carol (Megan B.) wait in the "dark."
Brindsley and Harold sit on the chaise, with Clea (Amanda G.) sitting unknowingly between them.  Carol discusses Clea with the men, completely unaware that she is in the room.
Brindsley and Clea find each other in the dark, while the Colonel, Carol, Harold, and Miss Furnival all wonder what is going on.
Schuppanzigh (Andrew L.) examines Brindsley's sculpture while the others listen to his critique, completely unaware that he is simply the electrician and not the art collector they have been expecting.
Brindsley suffers in silence as Clea pulls on his ear, gaining revenge on him for all of the lies that are now coming back to haunt him.
At the play's conclusion, right before the lights come back on, Schuppanzigh prepares to flip the light switch, Carol, the Colonel, and Harold each prepare to smash Brindsley, and Brindsley and Clea cling to each other protectively.