A Tale from the House of Frankenstein
by Dirk Kuiper









































Wilhlem Frankenstein (Carl) describes the brain solutions he will use to augment the mind of his creation as Jurgen (Sam) looks on in trepidation.  The moment of creation is at hand.
Jurgen and Frankenstein drop back as the "Bride" comes to life with a scream, the lightning bolt still crackling in the background.
Above, Wilhlem's party is disrupted when Liesl (the Bride), who does not know what she is, experiences a temporary mental breakdown (L to R, Joe B., Carl, Sam, Naomi, Nadia, Laura, and Dan H.); to the left, Wilhelm uses hypnosis to try and quell her troubled thoughts (L to R, Carl, Naomi).
Liesl cradles the dying Frankenstein, who tries to answer what questions he can for her before his passing.
Liesl's sister prepares to leap to her death from the window as the others watch helplessly.  (L to R, Joe, Katherine, Tony, Carl, Naomi, and Lara.
                                            October 2001
Liesl meets her "sister" (Lara), a flawed creature whom Wilhelm had previously made, unbeknownst to anyone.