Chris Catalano (
*His sitcom pilot "Open Bar" was a quarter finalist in Bravo's Situation: Comedy
*His improv troupe "Hooray for Everything" has headlined in major venues such as The Knitting Factory on Sunset Blvd. and Caroline's in New York
*He produced, co-wrote, and starred in a short film that debuted at the Beverly Hills Film Festival in 2005 (IMDB link:
*Won an Off-Off Broadway Review Award for his portrayal of Casca in
Julius Caesar:  Mob Rules.
*Received a degree in Theatre from Florida State University.
*While at Creek, appeared in
My Sister Eileen, Our Town, Oklahoma!, The Miracle Worker, Frankenstein, Romeo and Juliet, as well as being involved in both District and State Festivals.
Resume available online; contact him for details.  More info at
*Senior Encore Award, 1994