Our Country's Good
by Timberlake Wertenbaker  November 2002










































1788--British Naval and Marine officers transport convicts to what will one day be Australia.  Here, officers on deck punish a convict while the others remain locked below deck.
Harry Brewer (Sam G.) rows Duckling (Megan B.) on the bay, trying to communicate his love to her despite her resistance.
At the first rehearsal, Lt. Clark (Joe B.) watches in confusion as Robert Sideway (Sam G.) overacts enormously.
Now in chains, several convicts share their stories as they await further punishment (L to R, Tyler S.., Kasia K., Nick R., and Anthony R.)
Major Ross (Michael M., Center) shows the scars on Sideway's back to the rest of the convicts and to the officers.
Harry Brewer listens to the voices in his head as his guilt drives him into madness.
Liz demonstrates exactly how much the theatre has reformed her character.
Ralph and the convicts peak through the curtains as their play finally begins.