Project Braveheart
In 1998, Spruce Creek was one of only 15 schools in the United States selected to represent the country in the American High School Theatre Festival.  This festival is part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest theatre arts festival in the world, located in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We were greatly honored to be selected to perform in this event and spent 18 months feverishly raising the $54,000 we needed to take our students across the Atlantic.  It was an incredibly busy and difficult time for both students and parents but in the end, we did it!  What follows is a photographic recap of our two week journey to England and Scotland.  Enjoy!
The Project Braveheart team meet at Orlando International Airport on April 11, 1998, to fly to London.  From left to right:  Courtney, Carolyn, Cathy, Jenni, Zeina, Rachel, Mrs. K, Thad, Jordan, Tiffany, Nanci, Jeffrey, Thea, Jessica.
Nanci, in the foreground, with Thea, Aimee, Jordan, and Cathy in the background, waiting for the flight out of Orlando International Airport.  The flight took us to Washington, D.C., then over the Atlantic to London Heathrow.
Jenni is all smiles on the jet as she takes her first trip ever by air.  The flight over lasted about 7 hours, 8 on the return flight.
Our first day in London!  Above is Kensington Palace, home of the late Princess Diana.  Surrounding it is Kensington Park, where our tour guide promptly took us, after picking us up from the jet, for a danish and coffee.  To the left, Thad, standing, and Tiffany and Jenni relax in the park.
Rachel, in th foreground, Courtny, Carolyn, Mrs. K, and Jeff are strewn about Kensington Park, shown in greater detail here.
To the left, the Nelson Monument in Trafalgar Square.  We were warned not to walk under all the pigeons right after they'd eaten!  To continue on the journey, click on "Next;" to return to the gallery links, click on "Back."