Adapted from Bram Stoker's novel
by Dirk Kuiper
October 1999
Due to a tragedy in the photography arena, few photos survived this production.  Above is the photo from the paper.  In it, Count Dracula (Evan) prepares to dine on Lucy Westenra (Carolyn) and make her undead as well.  Thanks to Jessica for the rest of the photos on this page.
After stumbling into Dracula's lair, Jonathan Harker is attacked by the Brides of Dracula.  Moments later, Dracula will interrupt their meal.  From left to right, Dark Bride #1 (Tori), Fair Bride (Alexandria ), Harker (Jeff), and Dark Bride #2 (Jessica).
Near the end of the play, Mina has been affected by the blood of Dracula.  Here, her "sisters," the Brides, attempt to make her drink Van Helsing's blood and become one of them.  From left to right, Dark Bride #1, Dark Bride #2, Mina (Sommer), Fair Bride, Van Helsing (Adam).
Dracula reacts in fury as Van Helsing produces the severed heads of his Brides as Mina cowers nearby.  From left to right, Dracula, Mina, the severed heads (our favorite prop), and Van Helsing.
Backstage Photos:  on the left, Sommer and Tony (Arthur Holmwood) pose after the performance; on the right, Alexandria gets a rose and a tissue to clean the fake blood up at one evening's conclusion.