Erin Harrell (
*Lives in Austin, Texas and is the Volunteer Coordinator for Out Youth Austin; also, volunteers with the Rude Mechanicals, a local theatre company, whenever she has time.
*Graduated from Florida State University with a major in Religion.
*Expects to return to school in the next two years, possibly focusing on performance and/or gender studies, but will continue to work in the nonprofit sector as well.
*While at Creek, appeared in
The Miracle Worker, Romeo and Juliet, and Crossing Delancey.  She also worked technically on many shows and participated in both district and state festivals.
*Thespian of the Year, 1993
*Best Technician, Crew Chief, '91-'92
*Best Actress, '92-93
*Best Actress, '93-'94
*Best Actress, '94-'95
*President, '93-'94