Teach Me How to Cry
by Patricia Joudry

March 2002







































From L to R, Mrs. Grant (Moana) and Miss Robson (April) discuss Melinda and whether or not she will be in the upcoming school play.
Left:  From L to R, Melinda (Marisa) nervously tries to dance with Will (Sam) at the spring dance which is kicking off the fundraising for the school play.

Below:  Melinda and Will sneak away to the bandstand to be together, since their parents do not wish them to associate.
Above: Will and Melinda talk about many things, with Melinda in her Romeo and Juliet costume.
Right:  Melinda confronts and overwhelms her mother, forcing her to go to Parent night against her will.
Melinda, now separated from Will, goes to her room to write him a letter.  With a greater acceptance of her mother's limitations, she simply tells her she looks pretty tonight before she exits.