Into the Woods

Music and Lyrics of Stephen Sondheim 

  Book by James Lapine


In the opening sequence, Cinderella (Anne B., on floor) is mocked and abused by her stepfamily (from L to R, Stepmother (Shelby F.), Florinda (Stephanie W.), and Lucinda (Moana E.))
Little Red Riding Hood (Megan H.) encounters the dangers of the world in the form of the Wolf (Dan F.) disguised in Granny's bedclothes.
The Witch (Sommer S.) sings "Stay With Me" to Rapunzel (Katharine S.) to try and convince her to remain at home where it is safe.  Moments later, however, she will cut off the defiant Rapunzel's hair.
A number of the characters participate in making the potion to break the spell on the Baker's house.  Here, from L to R, Jack (Carl D.) watches as Milky-White the Cow (Katie D.) is fed the golden slipper by the Baker's Wife (Lindsay C.), nervously observed by the Baker (Dan H.) and the Witch.
In Act II, reality intrudes on fantasy, and the Prince has an assignation with the Baker's Wife, which will lead to even further complications.
The final tableau, and the story that was begun with a simple "I wish..." ends with the same, as Cinderella makes another wish, likely resulting in more dilemmas!  Characters in this photo not named earlier, from L to R, Snow White (Ashley B.), Mysterious Man (Terrance T.), and Sleeping Beauty (Beth D.).































""Ever After," the Act I    Finale.  From L to R, Narrator (Mallory L.), Stepmother, Cinderella's Father (Tony S.), Rapunzel, Steward (Sam G.), Lucinda, Rapunzel's Prince (Sean S.), Florinda, Baker's Wife, Witch, Baker, Jack, Cinderella's Prince (Jeff R.), Cinderella, Jack's Mother (Katherine S.), Granny ed.(Ashley E.), and Little Red.