Jane Eyre
March 2001
Jane (Marlo, right) is confronted by her Aunt Reed (Soumiah) and her selfish children John, Georgiana, and Eliza (from left to right, John, Jessica, and Brooke).
The self-righteous Mr. Brocklehurst humiliates Jane and Helen as an example to the rest of the girls at Lowood School as his family looks on.  On the left, Tiffany and Ashley B. as Mrs. Brocklehurst and Augusta; on stools, Marlo as Jane and Meredith as Helen; on right, Dan H. as Brocklehurst.
At Mr. Rochester's party, Adele is fawned over by some of the guests.  From left to right, Amy (Stephanie M.), John the servant (Matt), Adele (Bianca), Mary (Kery), Louisa (Marisa), and Frederick (Joseph).
Adult Jane asks Mr. Rochester for a leave of absence to visit her dying Aunt Reed.  From left to right, Blanche (Brittany), Rochester (Jeff), Jane (Moana), Lady Lynn (Sarah), Lady Ingram (Beth), and Sir George (Chuck).
At the end of Act I, Jane and Rochester stand together and look in shock at the oak tree ominously split by lightning nearby.