Little Women
by Thomas Hischack
(Based on the novel by
Lousia May Alcott)
March 1998
Shy Beth (Tiffany) thanks Mr. Lawrence (Lenny) for the gift of the piano.
Clockwise from Top Left:  Amy (Amy), Marmee (Zeina), Jo (Courtney), Meg (Sara), and Beth (Tiffany) gather together to read Father's letter from the war.
Beth becomes ill and is tended to by Hannah (Allison), while Jo and Meg console each other.
Beth returns to the family after a serious illness, helped downstairs by Laurie (Josh) and Jo, while Mr. Lawrence, Meg, Marmee, Amy, and Hannah await.
The end is near for Beth after her relapse, and she tries to comfort Jo and prepare her to go on without her.