A Midsummer Night's Dream
by William Shakespeare
November 1998
The "rude mechanicals" (Tony, Dustin,
Dan, and Joe) are surprised by
Bottom (Paul) as Quince (Evan) looks on.
Puck (Carolyn) and Peaseblossom
(Stephanie) discuss the disputes of
Oberon and Titania, their master and mistress, respectively.
Puck terrorizes the actors
by putting the head of a
donkey upon Bottom,
disrupting their rehearsal
but making much mirth for
The fairies (Niki, Stephanie, and Lisa) attend Bottom
and Titania (Alexandria)
who recline in the giant flower.
Demetrius (Jeff), Helena (Cathy),
Lysander (Justin), and Hermia
(Mallery) sleep while Puck
uses magic to correct all the
love gone amuck.