by Michael Frayn
March/April 2000
Tim the Stage Manager, asleep on his feet, is told by Lloyd the Director to fix the doors on the set, while the actors look on.  From left, Brooke (Alexandria), Tim (Joe), Gary (Justin), Dolly (Mallery), and Lloyd (Evan).
Cast and crew search the set for Brooke's missing contact lens.  From left, Belinda (Jessica), Gary, Dotty, Brooke, Poppy (Lindsay), and Freddie (Ben). 
Ahh, look at that beautiful set which completely revolved.  We're not proud of it or anything!
During the play, Gary's character "Roger" discovers Freddie's character "Philip" in a state of disarray, glued to a tax demand and a plate of sardines and with his pants falling off due to the spilled glue remover!  From left, Gary and Freddie.
Backstage disaster as the cast and crew do battle.  Above, everyone tries to kill everyone with the fire axe; from left, Gary, Dotty, and Freddie.  On the left, Gary, above, drops sardines into Dotty's hair while Belinda sits nearby, unaware.
During a later production, Freddie finds himself, bloody and confused, on stage during someone else's scene!  From left, Freddie, Brooke, and Gary.
Gary grows more and more frantic as the play spirals into disaster.  Here, he points to a plate of sardines that shouldn't be there as Belinda tries to get them off stage.  From left, Brooke, Gary, and Belinda.