On the Verge,
The Geography of Yearning

By Eric Overmyer

March  2003
Above left:  Fanny (Megan B.), Mary (Lisa H.), and Alexandra (Marisa W.) don their pith helmets as they begin their trek in Terra Incognita.  Above right:  The ladies begin to hack their way through the jungles of Terra Incognita.
Above left:  The ladies set tea for Alphonse, a very amicable cannibal.  Above right:  Thwack!  The Mighty Silurian!  Fanny deals it a telling blow with her umbrella.
Above left:  The ladies, in mountain climbing gear, are accosted by the abominable snowman.  Above right:  The Gorge Troll raps with the women as they cross his bridge.
On the left:  At Nicky's,  Mary figures out the mystery of "hec-kwhod-ont." while talking to Nicky himself.  On the right:  Nicky and Fanny share some Cool Whip in a romantic moment.
On the left:  Mary demonstrates here new adaptation to the future:  trousers!