Paradise Lost
Adapted from the poem by John Milton
January 1999
Satan and the other demons fall from Heaven into Hell and writhe in agony upon a lake of fire.
The Son (Dustin, in white) and the archangels (from left, Dan, Cathy, Bess, Ben, Evan, Moana, Jennifer, and Allison) listen to God's announcement that Satan has escaped from Hell and traveled to Paradise to seduce man to evil.  The Son offers himself as sacrifice for the original sin man will shortly commit.
In a flashback sequence, Satan (Carolyn, left) in his pride convinces Beelzebub (Heidi) to gather their forces for a rebellion against the throne of God, a rebellion that will result in their being cast down to Hell.
After the Fall, Eve (Stephanie) prepares to ask God for all the punishment to be placed upon her.  Adam (Adam) stops her, realizing they both share in the blame and that they have only each other for solace.
Adam and Eve are cast out of Paradise by Michael and the archangels.  They face the world outside for the first time, alone, isolated, but with the hope of eventual salvation for Mankind.