(Rossum's Universal Robots)

By Karel Capek]
October 2006

Pictured Left:  Helena (Brittany B., left) and Domin (Anthony T., right) examine Sulla (Caitlyn S., center), one of the advanced robots.
Pictured Left:  Nana (Mary J.) and Helena read a frightening news account of the robot rebellion.
Pictured Right: Alquist on his knees, at the mercy of the final robot assault, knees not far from Hallemeier's corpse; over them stand the robots (From left, Ashley W., Sea Shell M., Kasey G., Randy B., Cassandra R., and Elizabeth T.)
Pictured Left:  Alquist is questioned about his research by the robots.  On the far right, Dana (Rebecca C.), leader of the robots.
Pictured Right:  Radius the robot shows contempt for Alquist, who has fled the dissecting room in horror.
Pictured Left:  Primus the robot, kneeling, offers Alquist his own life in place of that of the Robot Helena.