Seminole Women
by Dirk Kuiper
(Based on
The Trojan Women
by Euripides)
August 1998
Dream Talker (Carolyn) relates her vision of the future while Silver Thorn (Nanci) and the other surviving women listen, thinking her mad.
The tribe's surviving women (from left, Jordan, Thea, Nanci, Jenni, Rachel, Jessica) relate tribal legend in a choral ode.
Dark Lily (left, Courtney) tries to comfort Morning Breeze (Aimee), who was just captured with her baby.  Sun Shadow (Jessica) offers solace as well.
The Colonel of the federal troops (Thad) castigates his runaway Seminole wife (Tiffany).  Sgt. Danvers (Jeffrey) stands stoically amidst the women, who have rejected her as a traitor.
When the body of Morning Breeze's son is returned to her, the rest of the women attempt to comfort her while dealing with their own tragedies as well, particularly the fact that they are all to be removed from their homeland and sent West.
Backstage at the Church Hill Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland--the process of playing a Seminole woman included applying makeup to all visible skin.  Here, Aimee is dealing with her feet.