December 9, 2005

We received permission from Timothy Edward Smith and Hunter Nolen to produce their play
Star Wars--The Musical for our district competition.  In fact, our production was the WORLD PREMIERE!  We were very excited about the play and put in a lot of work on it.  Our production concept was "Let's play Star Wars!"'; in other words, we did the play as if kids were playing in the garage.  The audience at the District III Thespian Festival loved it--we got the day's only standing ovation.  The judges gave us a "Superior," however, there were two other plays with the same score, and they designated us as the alternate.  While disappointed, our consolation was the complete disbelief which the students from other schools expressed to us that we were not going.  Besides, we had so much fun working on this play, it should be illegal!  Here are some pics to give you an idea of what our production looked like.

Opening Crawl-- (L to R) Katie M., Rachel R. Natalie T., and Shay C. unroll the opening crawl to simulate the beginning of the movie.
Imperial Attack-- (L to R) Imperial Stormtroopers (Cary M., Katie M., Cassie R.) attack the rebel troops (Matt B., Shannon M., Allie A. and Shay C.)
"Dark Darth Vader"-- (L to R) Darth Vader (Natalie T.) instructs the stormtroopers to search the ship.
"The Droids of Tatooine"-- In front, C-3PO (Mary J.) and R2-D2 (the trash can on wheels) join the other droids on the sandcrawler (Cassie R., Cary M., Allie A., and Rachel R.)
"Docking Bay 94"-- Han Solo (Matt B.) sings to Chewbacca (the sock puppet) before the escape from Tatooine.
"Alderaan"-- Princess Leia (Rachel R.) pleads with Darth Vader (Natalie T.) not to destroy Alderaan.
"Rebels Assemble"-- The rebel pilots assemble for the attack on the Death Star.  From L to R, Allie A., Shay C., Cassie R., Shannon M. (Luke), Cary M., and Katie M.
"May The Force Be With You"-- The entire cast sings the finale, flashlights (lightsabres) held high for the final note.