Steel Magnolias

by Robert Harling   December 2001










































L to R, Clairee (Jessica G.) and Truvy (Stephanie W.) discuss recipes as activity begins in Truvy's beauty salon, where "There's no such thing as natural beauty."
Standing, L to R, Truvy, Clairee, and Annelle (Moana E.) lend assistance to Shelby (Marisa W., seated) who is in the midst of a diabetic fit, as M'Lynn (Megan B., kneeling) tries to get her to drink some orange juice.
Shelby looks over the tree which Truvy and Annelle are decorating as Christmas comes to Chinquapin Parish, Louisiana.
Shelby looks at her new, shortened hairstyle in shock when Truvy first turns her to the mirror.
Ouiser (Kasia K.) offers tomatoes to Shelby and Truvy, which she only grows because it is in the job description of "old southern women."
The others all comfort M'Lynn after Shelby's death.