The Little Mermaid
by Dirk Kuiper
Based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen
December 1999
In Princess Eliane's Garden, the Merprincesses listen as Thora tells of the first time she rose to the surface of the ocean, as Eliane will that day.  Clockwise from bottom left corner:  Dara (Lindsay), Odele (Ashley), Thora (Stephanie), Eliane (Anne), Meryl (Amy), and Sirena (Celeste).
Eliane rescues Prince Roland (Tony) from a shipwreck.  She takes him to the shore and waits with him until help arrives.  It is here that she sees her first sunrise.
Eliane sings a song of longing during the Merpeople's Royal Ball.  King Jaladhi (Evan), Grandmother (Katie), Sirena, a Courtier (Mike), and Thora listen.
Eliane makes a deal with Pelagia, the Sea Witch (Thea) which will gain her legs and thus the chance to gain the heart of the Prince and an immortal soul.  The cost--her voice!
Eliane joins the dancers from the island of Mala and performs before the court after gaining her legs.  Though she has sacrificed her voice, she retains her graceful movment.  The Queen and Prince Roland watch the performance.
After the marriage of Prince Roland to Princess Caoilinn, Eliane knows that the curse of the Sea Witch will cause her to turn to foam.  Her sisters bring her a knife and tell her that by killing the Prince, she can remove the curse.  She cannot do it.  Sadly, she sits at the edge of the ship.  As the dawn breaks, she feels tears on her face for the first time.  Moments later, she throws herself into the sea and becomes foam.
Eliane is resurrected as one of the Daughters of the Air, spirits who do good deeds throughout the world.  Seferina, their leader, welcomes her to their group.  Joyful now to have the opportunity to gain a soul and a piece of heaven, she says farewell to Princess Caoilinn and Prince Roland.  From Left to Right:  Seferina (Tori), Daughters (Haley S., Emily, Haley H.), Eliane, Caoilinn, Roland, Daughters (Courtney, Annie, Danielle).