by Neil Simon
January 1998
In the disaster area that is her apartment, Olive (Amy) sits in contemplation while Florence and the girls (from left, Kerry, Jessica, Thea, Tiffany, and Betsy) consider Florence's recent separation.
After Florence moves in, the weekly games of Trivial Pursuit take on a new character, one only Vera (Jessica) seems to appreciate, as she receives a sandwich here.
When Olive arranges a double date with the Spanish brothers who live upstairs, it takes only a matter of minutes for Florence to reduce Manolo (Majeid) and Jesus (Reggie) to tears with stories about her life, much to Olive's shock and annoyance!
Florence displays the unfortunate capon that was to have been their dinner, stirring the sympathy of the Spanish brothers.  Nice prop, Tami!
Sylvie arrives (in her best 80's workout attire!) and announces her recently discovered pregnancy.